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Born and possessed in the valley of Uruul when he was a kid, Dawson was given the curse of eternal life at his despair, for he knew he would watch his family and friends die. He didn't know of the dangers of the curse until later in his life, for he was only 5 when he was cursed. Neglected as a child for pursuit of the throne by his parents, he  learned to live off only what he had and fend for himself in the real world. He ran away from home 3 years later, hiding away in an old cave for 20 years. He returned to his beloved home, only to find tyranny and heartache in his childhood home of Uruul. The world had gone mad, 'fore his parents had died and left the land with no ruler, because the only blood they had was Dawson. Left and right, clashes and fights lashed out, thieves were plaguing the streets, and the only way to stop it is to gain control of the crown. Can you guide them through it? Only the fight will tell, in the battle for Uruul. 


Uruul_Windows.rar 526 MB
Uruul_Mac.zip 260 MB

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